Friday, July 27, 2012

Catch up...

So I posted a few drafts I had saved up from when I first found out i was pregnant. I realize I haven't blogged in an ETERNITY...but they are there for your reading pleasure or not. :0)

I think the last one was early on and so I will give a BRIEF update on the pregnant life of Kelly. I promise for no goury details or too long of a story (which Mikey says is impossible for me...we'll see about that!).

Made it safely through the first trimester! Had weekly ultrasounds and LOVED them. With each one the nervousness growing less and less. We celebrated the victory of making it through 13 weeks and moved on to our next "milestone"...24 weeks...the week where the baby has a 36% chance of living if it is born in that week.

I thought it interesting in these times how different Mike and I's comfort levels with our situation. We were never on the same page...and this was ok. It was actually perfect. When he felt less sure and more anxious that something was bound to go wrong. I was steadfast in my feelings of it being perfectly ok. And of course the other way around...It was great.

We sailed through the second trimester passing the glucose test with flying colors. One snafu though that we recently encountered after seeing my high-risk doc (who is literally one of the most comforting and detailed people i've ever met in the land of doctors...beside the great Dr. VL who literally saved my life). Anyway more on that in the future. Dr. Humphrey's (said high risk doc) had some concerns regarding my blood clotting disorder that was diagnosed early on and was being treated with a baby aspirin a night. Did the tests...came back with less than stellar results. I not only have 1 clotting antibody present in my body causing issues...but i have 2. Anticardiolipin antibody and Lupus anticoagulant (no it doesn't mean i have's just what they call it). What that means in short is...i have more of a risk in normal life to develop a blood clot. In pregnant life, this means more of a risk of the baby (sorry for the upcoming harshness) dying because i develop a clot in my placenta that cuts off oxygen and nutrition. order to combat this seemingly "common" thing. I have to give myself Heparin injections twice a day. The Heparin makes my blood less "clotty". This will help me and the baby stay safe against these antibodies my body produces. So...i've been doing this now for a few weeks. It's gotten easier. I've accepted it after a little pity party involving bouts of "this is so unfair".

Now we are at 33 weeks today and I'm super pumped about it!!! I have to be induced because of the clotting I will go in in 5 weeks and have this baby!!! WAHOO!! I can't wait to meet our little guy/gal on Sept 4th!

Baby stats are great...little bug loves to cover his/her face at every.single.ultrasound. No lie. Last time I drank some caffeine...still face was covered...haha! 3 weeks ago the babe weighed in at 3 lbs. 6 oz. So next week when I have my monthly ultrasound and checkup I'll update the stats. The leg bones are in the 95th percentile for height...gee i wonder where that came from. I'll have a nice long baby for sure! Things that are super positive from this...people who have my blood issues...the baby might be not getting enough nutrition due to a clot on the placenta cutting off life. So a bad sign would be small baby with bad blood flow. The ultrasounds always show...great blood flow and, according to Dr. H, a "a VERY healthy sized tall baby".

Other things of note in the pregnancy so far...
1) We all got to see a 4D ultrasound of our little was most fabulous. And wonderfully shared with my family and Mike's...I'll post pictures later.
2) Had an amazing shower with friends and made my heart happy.
3) Nursery decorating is so fun! And it's almost done...
4) I LOVE names...and i think one of the most fun parts of not knowing the sex is I get to think about names for both!!
5) Worst part of not knowing was definitely the picking out bedding...So hard!
6) Little babe LOVES worship at Grace lie. Kicks the crap out of my stomach every single sunday. Also...loves Coldplay. :0) Didn't move once for the amazing (insert sarcasm here) Robyn (the opener at the Coldplay concert...remember her show me love song?!).
7) The bug is now so big that I can see when there is movement...butts and heads and elbows and heels...they all go scrolling across my belly. It's wonderful. Mike loves seeing it and feeling it as well.
8) Am having occassional freak outs regarding our life being so drastically different after Sept 4th.

I think that's it for now. I know it sounds long, but give me a break...I just recapped literally 6 months of life! haha!

Things to keep in your mind and prayers today...I have an appointment with the Hematologist...Dr. determine what my treatment for my blood disorders will be after the baby is born and then also when I'm not pregnant what will I have to do. Worst case scenario is shots forever. Best case is just a baby aspirin a day. Of course...we're hoping for the best. :0)

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